As a photographer, I love watching how couples identify what is most important to them and then shape their weddings around these core values. During Patrick and Bethany’s wedding day, I was moved to see how their relationship mirrors the deepest hopes of their faith. Their passion and sense of humor also made photographing their day really fun! This was important because, working in downtown Renton, I felt a little like a fish out of water (if you follow my work, you may notice a bias toward forests and beaches). Their enthusiasm made their environment rock. Congratulations Patrick and Bethany and blessings on your marriage!

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Bride and groom close up. Bright exposure, eyes closed, looking down.

bride and groom kiss with green foliage behind

Walking back to the wedding venue. Shallow depth of field.

Who gives this woman to be married?

Bride and groom exchange vows.

Bride and groom take communion together.

Groom and bride dip and kiss!

Mr. and Mrs. Lowndes make their appearance!

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I had the privilege of shooting the debut performance of a new jazz-soul band at LUCID Jazz Lounge. It was super refreshing to do a little improve collaboration with these guys on the images. And besides, now I can truthfully say that I shot The Trophy Buck.

The Trophy Buck at LUCID Jazz Lounge

The Trophy Buck at LUCID Jazz Lounge

The Trophy Buck at LUCID Jazz Lounge

Bonus! Here’s a little behind-the-scenes peak at our high end photo studio ;)

The Trophy Buck at LUCID Jazz Lounge


This summer we had the joy of welcoming a new nephew, Peregrine Kenneth Emmanuel Nelson. So far we know that he loves sunshine and that he has the same wrinkles on his forehead as me. His name means wanderer or pilgrim.

Congratulations Andrew and Rachel!

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Newborn boy in mothers arms with golden sunlight

newborn baby with goofy expression looking up from fathers lap. B&W photo.

peaceful newborn baby boy bundled in blue cloth cocoon

mother swaddling newborn boy in white blanket. B&W photo

happy newborn baby smiling

upset newborn baby furrowing brow and crying

mother gently kissing newborn baby boy. B&W photo

close up of sleeping newborn baby in sunlight

close up photo with peaceful newborn baby sleeping in sunlight

close of up newborn baby's hand

baby sucking on hand and laying down in mother's arms

mother and father looking down at newborn baby in their arms


Recently, I was invited to photograph a local Indonesian wedding in a village near where we stay in Cisarua, Bogor. The reception was an afternoon-long receiving line where friends, acquaintances and family come to give their blessings and gifts, and then enjoy a buffet of food and live music. The wedding was very formal, but atmosphere was also lighthearted and very relaxed. Personally, I had a lot of fun with the challenge of capturing a wedding in a new context.

Congratulations Robert and Dia!

Indonesian bride and groom joke and lauch during wedding portraits

Indonesian bride and groom pose outside by banana trees


wet grass in the yard at Puncak
Our yard at the villa in Puncak.

laundry and water tanks in rain at Puncak
The laundry takes a long time to dry here.

close up green lizard eye in puncak Indonesia

view of houses and laundry and hills in puncak pass indonesia
Puncak Pass a few kilometers from our house.

tea fields and highway in Puncak Pass Indonesia

tea fields and hills in mist, Puncak Pass Indonesia
Tea fields in Puncak Pass.

wild monkey in Puncak Pass Indonesia

Monkeys hang out in the tea fields around Puncak Pass.

house rooftops in Jakarta Indonesia
Rooftops in Jakarta seen from a pedestrian overpass.

motorcycle in tunnel with garbage Jakarta Indonesia

traffic in Jakarta Indonesia and man walking with crutches
“No traffic, no Jakarta” – our driver

silhouette of man on bicycle on road in Jakarta


My wife Liz and I just embarked on a five month adventure in Indonesia, where we’re working with World Relief (an organization that provides services to refugees). After a couple of weeks here the culture is still very unfamiliar and I’ve been pretty shy about pulling my camera out. This last week, though, we were in Bali learning the language, and I had a little free to capture some images.

Historical Museum of Bali, in district of Renon

Historical Museum of Bali, in the Renon District where we stayed

Vacationers from Jakarta enjoying Sanur Beach in Bali

Vacationers from Jakarta enjoying Sanur Beach, a few kilometers away

Awesome game of catch.

Hindu offering by the rising tide at Sanur Beach in Bali

These beautiful little Hindu offerings are everywhere, even at the beach.

Balinese family at smiling for photo at Sanur Beach in Bali

Colorful wood rocking horses in Denpasar, Bali

Traffic in Bali, outside the KFC in Sanur.

Street in Denpasar, near our Kos (home stay)

Street in Denpasar, near our Kos (home stay)

White rabbit in yard

Plus our friend the Dalai Rabbit, so named because he ate the offerings in our driveway


Over this Christmas break, I had the chance to start tinkering around with electronic audio and immensely enjoyed the process. There’s something about knowing you don’t know what you’re doing that makes it so much easier to have fun. Maybe because there’s no fear of failure? Maybe just some good spiced wine?

Anyway, plug into your favorite speakers and enjoy!

1. Ewok Christmas Rave

2. Cheese (with collaborators)


This last summer I helped to facilitate a community art commission exploring how we try to find hope in the midst of failed dreams and deadened hope—specifically how people of faith respond respond to experiences where they feel betrayed by God. For my own entry, I branched out of my photographic comfort zone and made a painting with my digital tablet. I’ve been captivated by aesthetic of cinematic concept art for some time, so it is exciting to finally take a baby step in this direction. For more on how this intersects with my personal journey, see my artist statement below.

Artist Statement

Clearcut is not so much a destination in itself as a snapshot from an ongoing process. For me, this has been a process of reconciling a series of failures and disappointments with my hope in God and for the future. So many of the dreams God has given me seem to have crashed on the rocks, dried out in the sun, failed, or just died. To the open road of the future, my spirit goes limp.

In this space, the words of Israel’s prophets cut through the confusion into my soul. The hearts, bodies, and stories of these men are seared with living Truth. Their words are disturbing and provocative, but drenched in the vivid colors of eternity, and it is here that I have seen hope. I’ve started my day readings these words, fighting with them, trying to understand them, and then falling asleep listening to them again. They continue to haunt and confuse me, yet they don’t leave me hopeless. Even in God’s most severe judgement, there remain powerful seeds of hope. Seeds that promise a better future.

The fire and smoke of judgement are also the pillar and cloud of God’s delivering presence and shelter. The Cedars of Lebanon are destroyed, but the stumps of these blessings-turned-idols become the nurselog for the shoot of Jesse. The light that exposes this destruction and scorches the earth is also the light that brings life to the new shoot.

May our clearcut dreams leave space for seeds of the kingdom to grow—space to find the Light of Life.

Completed October 3, 2010
Media: Digital tablet, Photoshop
Output: 8×12″ Epson Print


Feel free to download a copy for your personal use as a desktop wallpaper.



This photography season came to a close for me with Tobin and Sarah’s autumn wedding at the Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens in Everett, Washington. I loved how comfortable Tobin and Sarah were with stripping down the usual wedding trappings, while really honoring what mattered to them. Since the wedding guests consisted only of their parents, siblings, and a couple of others, I felt very privileged to be a part of their day.

Congratulations and all the best on your future together!

bride and groom exchange vows at Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens in Everett. Groom reads Shakespeare sonnette

Family cheers newly married couple from Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens' gazebo in Everett

Low contrast black and white of happy bride and groom walking in garden

Bride and groom embrace in Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens in Everett, low-contrast B&W

Loading chairs into back of car, packing up wedding. Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens, Everett, Washington

Up close macro of fall leaves in Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens, Everett, Washington. Crisp rain dewdrops on foliage.

Close up of leaves with water droplets, at Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens in Everett

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Steve and Tracey designed one of the most quirky and guest-oriented weddings that Liz and I have had the privilege of capturing. The Georgetown Ballroom in Seattle seemed the perfect place for their creative flare and warmth. From the photo booth guest book to the cupcake tower to Tracey’s pink heels, the day was full of fun alternatives to the normal wedding status quo. We had a particularly fun time running an (un)photo booth for the first time (see the results here).

Congratulations Tracey and Steve!

Alternative urban bride and groom in Georgetown Seattle

Quirky alternative bride and groom touch noses, graffiti behind.

Detail of bride and groom's shoes. Pink heels and shiny black dress shoes.

Goofy posed family wedding photo. Sepia toned, brick background.

Reflection of Chinese lanterns in blue tile floor at the Georgetown Ballroom

Bride and groom kiss at Georgetown Ballroom in South Seattle.

Bride and groom smile at each other during wedding ceremony. Telephoto, black and white.

Giant group photo with entire wedding party and all the guests. Location, Georgetown Ballroom Seattle. Jazz Hands!

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Rob and Danielle are two of the funnest most energetic folks that you’re likely to meet. Liz and I love outdoor weddings, so we were excited to photograph theirs at Kitsap Memorial State Park by the Hood Canal. More importantly though, we loved witnessing their adorable affection for each other and the enthusiastic support of their friends and family.

Congratulations Robert Higgins and Danielle Du Nann!

beautiful detail of bride and groom's rings on fall leaf.

bride and groom meet in forest. processed color, antique, anticipation

bride and groom embrace in forest, black and white, sentimental, hug, smiling, happy

bride and groom by the ocean, joking and teasing each other. happy, outdoors, quirky

crazy groomsmen hold up groom. yelling and laughing, high energy wedding portrait

ecstatic bride smiles at groom during outdoor wedding ceremony. female officiant in background.

enthusiasitc bride and groom lead recessional. antique cross processed color.

bride and groom watching photo slideshow at reception

audience watching photo slideshow at wedding reception.

bride smearing wedding cake on groom

wild dancing at wedding reception.

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Rather than a formal portrait session, hanging out with William (who happens to be my brother-in-law) just felt like a fun afternoon walking through the park and exploring Seattle. He’s a great guy with a passion for theater and classic musicals (someone’s got to do it!). I hope these pictures capture a bit of his quirky personality and sincere heart.

Will – you’re awesome!

low contrast black and white seattle senior photo. urban brick background

seattle senior photo. urban graffiti

seattle outdoor senior pictures. discovery park field. tilted horizon

seattle senior portrait photography. low angle hero shot, silhouette, outside at discovery park

discovery park seattle senior portrait photography

waterfront seattle senior portrait photography, discovery park. warm toned black and white

three quarters headshot. seattle senior portrait photography

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